Saturday, September 1, 2012

Arizona beats Toledo in OT for the first win of the RichRod era

The RichRod era has begun in Arizona and it started off with a great offensive performance; however, something was missing: scores. The Wildcats amassed 624 total yards, but managed to only score four times in their 24-17 OT victory against the Toledo Rockets. The offense was superb and fast paced, oftentimes running a play once the referee set the ball, but there were too many mistakes. Toledo isn't a bad team and should be a favorite to win the Mid-American Conference, but they should've been pummeled. The Cats offense had so many opportunities to score TDs, but two were called back by penalties and the Cats fumbled three times in the redzone. Arizona should have won in regulation, but John Bonano shanked a 26 yard field goal at the end of regulation that would have given the Cats the victory. Instead the game went to OT, where the Cats recieved the ball first and scored on a beautiful Matt Scott scramble-and-throw to Terrence Miller for the 10 yard go-ahead score. The Cats defense would hold on and give Arizona its first victory of the RichRod era. The offense looks to be one of the most productive offenses in the Pac 12 as well as Arizona history with Matt Scott throwing, running, and handing the ball off to Ka'deem Carey, who looks to be an explosive RB that the Arizona program has lacked for quite a while.

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