Sunday, March 4, 2012

Cats lose a crucial game to the rival Sun Devils, 87-80

Just look at the crowd in this picture. Take a good, long look. Now tell me, aren't there quite a few red shirts mixed into the yellow in the crowd. Yes. And those red shirts are the faithful Arizona Wildcats fans that made the trip up to Phoenix, only to see the Cats lose to their arch rival. Now after the game, ask any of the Arizona fans, who paid their hard earned money to ASU only to see the Cats lose, what they think are the Cats chances of earning an at-large bid in the NCAA Tournament. Slim. This is how important this game was. It was a chance to finish on a high note and let the committee decide. Instead it was an ugly loss, the kind of loss that costs you your season. As a Cats fan, I'm saying that ASU stuck a pitchfork into our hope for going to the NCAA Tournament and I do not think that this team deserves to play in the Big Dance.