Sunday, April 29, 2012

Miley pitches the D-backs past the Marlins, 8-4

Welcome to Wade's world, Miami. Wade Miley was just a young prospect last season who showed some talent, but nothing flashy. So far, this season has been different. He's been a solid lefty who's been promoted to the starting rotation and Sunday's performance on the mound showed us his talent. Miley pitched 6.1 innings, allowing only one hit with 6 Ks, dropping his ERA to 1.29. As a young pitcher, there was no way he would go the distance, which is why the final score is somewhat misleading. Mike Zagurski (I've never heard of him before) allowed three hits and three runs due to Giancarlo Stanton's 3-run shot while only getting one out. Bryan Shaw would eventually close out the game for the D-backs, giving Miley his third win of the season.