Saturday, November 12, 2011

Oregon chops the Tree, 53-30

Stanford ran out of Luck once they faced the Ducks and LaMichael James. James ran for an easy 146 yards as the Duck's super offense overwhelmed everyone in Palo Alto. The Ducks ran out to an early lead while a luck was pestered for the rest of the night. The #4 Cardinal can say goodbye to their BCS hopes as they open the door for Oregon.

Cats suffer an embarrassing loss to Colorado, 48-29

The Wildcats stumbled to last place after a huge and embarrassing loss to Colorado. The loss sent the Cats to last place in the PAC 12 and gave the Buffs a win at Folsom Field. The Cats defense was awful as they let the Buffaloes run all over them, but the real surprise and reason why Arizona lost was because of Nick Foles' turnovers. He fumbled the ball and threw three picks. All Arizona can do know is muster every once of strength they have as they travel to Tempe next Saturday.