Sunday, November 27, 2011

Beanie Wells!!! Cards run past the Rams, 23-20

Just look at this dude's arm! How is his nick-name Beanie when his arm is as big as a leg? The Cardinals neede every ounce of his strength to push past the Rams on Sunday as Skelton had another bad game and Fitz only caught three balls for 55 yards. Who need passing when you have a guy run for 228 yards? Beanie broke the frachise record for rush yards in a single game, formerly held by LeSean Johnson. Rush yards in a single game wasn't the only record met as rookie Patrick Peterson returned his fourth punt for a TD. He tied Devin Hester for the most punt return TDs in a single season, and he's only a rookie. The defense turned in another solid performance as they silenced Beanie's counterpart, Steven Jackson.

Leinart screws over another team

The Texans lost Schaub for the season, so Gary Kubiak's team put some faith into the former Heisman winner from USC and Cardinal QB. The game started well for the Texans as they focused on grinding the ball with Arian Foster and Ben Tate and setting up short passes for Leinart. Leinart led the a texans to a TD over the Jags, but right when you think Leinart is starting something good, he let's you down. However, to be fair, his collar-bone let him down and now Houston must invest in rookie QB for North Carolina, TJ Yates. Yates would preserve a 20-13 win over MJD and Blaine Gabbert's Jaguars at Everbank Stadium.