Friday, November 18, 2011

Oklahoma State collapses in 2OT at Iowa State, 37-31

Ty Barnett and the Iowa State Cyclones put up an impressive performance as they upset the number 2 team in the country on Friday night. The Cyclones dashed all hopes of Oklahoma State making it to the National Championship game, but they did have chances to win. When it comes to College Football, it's always the kicker that has to take the blame. Quinn Sharp missed a would-be game-winner in regulation, but the game went into OT and ISU won. Brandon Weeden probably won't win the Heisman now that OSU isn't going to the National Championship.

Number 15 Arizona beat by Miss St, 67-57

Miss St stifled the Cats offense as the Bulldogs contained Arizona all night. Sean Miller's team never got the lead but were close at the half. In the second half however, the Bulldogs continued to outmuscle Arizona as they walked away with a ten point win and the 2K Sports title. The Bulldogs will likely move into the polls, whereas Arizona will drop after facing their first loss of the season.