Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ranking all 30 MLB team hats from first to worst

In this post, I'm ranking all of the 30 MLB team hats from first to worst. The rankings may be a little biased since this is my ranking, but I'm also looking at the popularity of each hat from how often you can see one being worn by some casual fan on the street. (I'll also indicate whether or not I own it) Well, here it goes:

1. New York Yankees: Don't get me wrong, I hate the New York Yankees. However, I also happen to love the game of baseball. That's right, if you're a true baseball fan, you've got to have some respect for the Yanks even though they buy all of the good players. The Yankees have so much history to them that they have affected baseball in many ways, so it's kinda hard to overlook this hat since it hasn't changed that much for most of their proud history. Plus, they also have the largest market so you'll probably see quite a few folks sporting a Yankees hat. (owned)

2. Atlanta Braves: They're a successful team. They have plenty of fans. Their hat is red, white, and blue. Their hat isn't too shabby. That's why I ranked this hat at number two. The Braves became quite popular due to their success during the '90s, but this hat finds most of its wearers outside of Atlanta and on the street. Atlanta has quite a few gangs and many gangs outside of Atlanta wear this hat. What's even better is that you can get it in blue or red or blue & red. (owned)

 3. St Louis Cardinals: Winning a World Series sure doesn't hurt your popularity. I've always liked this hat because of the color scheme and logo. Once again, this hat comes in red, blue and blue & red, but I think that the cardinal red cap that has their main logo is the best. The idea is simple, but the logo is so well crafted, making it an instant classic. The St Louis Cardinals are also the second most successful team in October with a total of 11 World Series titles. (owned)

4. Boston Red Sox: Lots of people back up the Red Sox since they don't like the Yankees; however, they are the second largest market in MLB. The "B" is so classic, even though the team has had a history of coming up short in October. This isn't necessarily a gang hat since you can get it in many different styles, such as the hat with an pair of Red Sox stitched in it, a green BoSox hat, a pink BoSox hat (for the ladies), or even their 100 year anniversary hat for Fenway Park. (owned, Yeah, I own both a Yankees AND a Red Sox hat)

5. Detroit Tigers: Nothing say "Imma G" More than wearing this Detroit hat. It's a nice hat with an almost gothic style "D", which makes it look intimidating for opposing teams. This hat is extremely popular around Motown and amongst gangs. I felt like when they made this logo, they forgot that they were called the Tigers, which is why their away uniform has the same hat with an orange logo. What could really boost their popularity is if they can win a World Series with the team they've assembled this year. (owned)

6. Philadelphia Phillies: I really like this hat but it isn't the most popular outside of Philadelphia. However, Phillie does have a huge fan base, so this hat is everywhere in the state of Pennsylvania. I like both this logo and their old logo since it's just a plain "P" with a plain enough color scheme to back it up. Their blue & red hat is also pretty nice. I think that their popularity would've been boosted even more if their "best rotation in baseball" actually won a World Series title. (owned)

7. Pittsburgh Pirates: Shocker!!! Well, not really cause if you look at the logo and the scheme, it's a pretty nice hat. Pennsylvania is still the Phillies' country, but you'll probably find more Pirates hats outside of Pennsylvania than Phillie hats. It is also an extremely popular hat amongst gangs and it's gotten even more popularity thanks to Wiz Khalifa's song "Black and Yellow". Also, if you're a multi-sport fan of Pittsburgh, this hat is a pretty good buy since the Penguins and Steelers both share a similar color scheme. (owned)

8. Minnesota Twins: This hat isn't that popular and the team has lost a lot of support after a few underachieving seasons, but this hat is brilliant. Red, white and blue, interlocking letters, and it also has a history behind the logo. Minnesota used to sport an "M" hat as their main logo, but people from St. Paul refused to support the team since they thought the logo was just for Minneapolis. This sparked the change fro the Twin Cities logo so everyone in Minnesota could just settle their differences and hold hands, literally. (owned)

9. San Francisco Giants: I don't like them as much anymore since the Diamondbacks have started to become competitive again, but this hat is nice. It used to be a symbol of Barry Bonds, but he team has earned a whole new identity as of late thanks to Tim Lincecum & co. and their 2010 World Series run. Like the St Lou. logo, the "S" interlocked with the "F" is simple and perfect. My love for the Diamondbacks only allows me to put them this high, just saying. (owned)

10. Toronto Blue Jays: A top ten with hats that just have letters on them? Nope! I like how the Blue Jays decided to go back to the bird and the maple leaf, much like their older hat during the '90s when they won back to back World Series titles in '92 & '93. It makes this hat almost have a history even though this is their first season with the new/old design. The Canadians are quite optimistic that this hat will bring them back to the glory days. I certainly hope so. (owned)

11. Los Angeles Dodgers: I don't like the Dodgers and that's the only thing that prevents me from buying this hat. They've got a pretty good history and they have a bunch of fans on the west coast. In California, you can see this hat in every single city and with the recent success of the team, LA might be a baseball town once again. The hat is really plain and simple with a royal blue color and the interlocking "L" and "A". This is a relatively popular hat amongst gangs. (not owned)

12. Chicago Cubs: If you like the color scheme of the LA hat with the color red, plain hats, and losing teams, the Chicago Cubs hat is a pretty good buy. They have a lengthy history of losing, but they still have a ton of fans. You won't see many Chicago Cubs hats outside of Northern Chicago unless you're watching a Little League game, but I'm sure the hat would be a lot more popular if the team would finally win a World Series. (owned)

13. Chicago White Sox: The Cubbies finally beat the White Sox in something... my hat rankings. This hat is very popular amongst people in Southern Chicago and gangsters. I would've ranked this hat higher, but I don't like the team that much. The design and style is quite similar to their AL Central rivals, the Detroit Tigers. However, the team just doesn't cut it for me. They're called the White Sox even though they wear Black Sox on their uniform. That doesn't make any sense to me at all. (not owned)

14. Cincinnati Reds: I don't like this hat that much just because of the "C". It looks a lot like the Chicago Bears logo and it makes this specific all red hat look very plain and boring. They do have a black & red hat though which looks better and is very popular amongst gangs. Cincinnati also loves their Reds even though the days of the Red Machine are long gone and both the Griffeys have retired from the game, but they are experiencing some recent success in the crowded NL Central. (not owned)

15. Baltimore Orioles: I think this hat is pretty nice, but it would look  better as an old fashioned batting helmet. The Orioles also wear a black & orange cap with this logo that looks better, but it's not their main cap. I think it was a good idea to go away from the profile of the actual Oriole and reestablish a cap like this. Like the Blue Jays, the O's hope that bringing back an old hat will spark the rebirth of a franchise, and so far, it's kinda working. (not owned)

16. Cleveland Indians: This is a controversial logo, but I think it looks rather playful, kinda like the Oriole. This hat is nice, but Cleveland hasn't enjoyed great baseball success for a while, so they don't have as many fans as they used to. Their hats with the "C" logo aren't that bad, but they're extremely plain. I would've put this hat a bit higher if the team had more playoff success and if people weren't so opposed to the logo, but you never know, maybe they can jump on the contenders in the AL Central. (owned)

17. Texas Rangers: I don't like the Rangers that much, but htis hat is basically a Cubs hat for winners. Winning two consecutive AL Penants doesn't hurt your popularity, but the team was supposed to win both World Series, only to come up disappointingly short. Their red version of this cap looks really bad in my opinion since I think a red outlining of the white "T" makes it stand out from the blue hat rather than an entirely red hat. Maybe if they had won a World Series with Nolan Ryan and another two recently, this hat would be seen more often outside of Texas. (not owned)

18. Arizona Diamondbacks: My favorite team sadly doesn't have the best logo. The purple D-backs that won the 2001 World Series behind Gonzo, Johnson, and Schilling is almost nowhere to be seen in their newer logo. The older D-backs logo had the same idea of the snake "D", but the sedona red version looks more like the Walt Disney "D", which is partially why this hat is popular amongst Little Leaguers. Their alternate black cap is pretty sick though. (owned)

19. Colorado Rockies: Oddly enough, the purple & black color scheme is almost perfect for the Rocky Mountains. The team is always overlooked and dangerous though, which makes it unfortunate that they don't have many fans. Coors Field has the highest elevation in the MLB, which gives the Rockies a dangerous offense every season, but not many people support this team. If they could somehow win without a large market and fan-base, this simple and plain hat could potentially find its way to the casual baseball fan. (owned)

20. Kansas City Royals: The name of the team both fits perfectly and doesn't at all. This hat demonstrates how a royal blue hat should work, but there is nothing royal about this franchise. They lose. However, it is a nice and youthful looking hat for a franchise that is looking towards their young players for a quick change. Perhaps the All-Star game can show the nation what a beautiful ballpark and handsome hat the Kansas City Royals have. (not owned)

21. Seattle Mariners: This hat really symbolizes what Seattle is. It's next to the water and it looks sad. No other hat really uses the colors that the Mariners use, from navy blue to northwest green to metallic silver. The logo's compass makes a simple hat look a bit more complex, which makes this hat look more interesting without going over the top. I would've ranked it a little bit higher if the Mariners had a better fan-base and also if they made it to the World Series just once. (owned)

22. Tampa Bay Rays: It's an improvement from the Devil Rays hat, but it isn't special whatsoever. Different shades of blue don't make an intriguing hat, yet the designers of their uniform somehow managed to make their alternate uniform look quite tacky. Like the hat, the team doesn't have much going for them. They are an extremely talented team in an extremely tough division and they have somehow managed to consistently make the postseason which is truly amazing, but their fans don't even go to support them in the shabby Tropicana Field. If your fans won't support you, who's gonna wear your hat? (not owned)

23. Washington Nationals: The Nats are on the rise in Major League Baseball, but I just don't like this hat. It's all red except for that Walgreen's logo right in the middle of it. Who would want to wear a hat that so closely resembles a well known pharmacy? Maybe if the Nats can finally get into the postseason, people will start supporting them by wearing this foolish-looking hat. (not owned)

24. San Diego Padres: This is just a plain hat for a bad team, enough said. The hat itself isn't that bad, but the team sucks and so do some of their uniforms. It's already bad enough to support an awful team, but wearing an ugly uniform also is a double whammy. However, in all honesty, this hat isn't bad. It's not special, but the Padres' uniforms are especially bad, which is why I'm not willing to wear this hat. (not owned)

25. New York Mets: The Mets are in a lose-lose situation unless they can win. I know that sounds dumb and redundant but it is true. The only people who support the Mets are those who live in New York and don't like the Yankees. Other than that, it's hard to find a true blue-blooded Mets fan. The team has plenty of money since they are based in New York, but they always dispose of their better players thinking that maybe next year will be better. Don't do that. You already have enough money to win, so why don't you do it? Also the logo is a bit funky looking on this blue & orange hat. (not owned)  

26. Los Angeles Angels: I have to admit, I did not intend for this hat to go this low, but looking at it now, I don't like it that much. I know that an Angel can be both male and female, but this hat is a bit feminine. I think it's because of the "A" and the halo on top. This hat doesn't look bad, but it'd be better on a girls head than a guys. Maybe if Pujols, Weaver, Wilson, and Haren can bring a World Series title to LA, this hat would be more popular. (not owned)

27. Houston Astros: "Houston, we have a problem" cause our baseball team sucks. The hat isn't that bad, but the team is so bad that you won't find many people wearing this hat. This goes to show that even though your hat ain't too shabby, if the people of Houston won't wear your hat, no one will. (not owned)

28. Milwaukee Brewers: I really like their old hats, but the new Brewers logo/cap looks like Miller Lite, which is probably why they play in Miller Park. The team probably won't enjoy the success of last season since they lost Prince Fielder, which is why only people in Wisconsin wear this hat. (owned)

29. Oakland Athletics: If this hat or the Oakland uniform was nicer, Moneyball wouldn't exist. Oakland is a small market and the A's don't have that many fans. Plus they play in a football stadium. All of this goes to show that the A's have it tough and there's no way they can truly stay competitive. If you can't stay competitive and the people in your own town don't go to your games, not many people are gonna wear your hat. The fact that it's green also doesn't help. (not owned)

30. Miami Marlins: When I first saw this hat, I was grossed out. When I saw their away hat, I threw up and got blind at the same time. What was their goal with this logo? I heard that they tried to revive the world-famous Miami beach scene from the '80s, but all this logo does is remind me of Maroon 5. The Florida Marlins hat already looked funky enough, but this one is an abomination to hats and baseball. You will not see me put this on my head (not owned)


Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Agony of the Upset

The Upset: Whether you are an athlete, coach, or fan-addict of any team, and whether they are professional, collegiate, or even little league, there is always the possibility of defeat. Defeat always lurks whether you are the favorite, an evenly matched opponent, or a doormat, and that feeling of defeat will strike you in many different ways. As the favorite, you are expected to win. Victory may and should be easy, but there is little to gain other than maintaining your reputation. However, if the favorite loses, there can be dire consequences. I think what makes the upset most painful is the fact that you were supposed to win and that the possibility of losing should never even have crossed your mind; once you do in fact lose, you won't even know what hit you. Here are a couple of ways the upset will shock you:

David vs Goliath: This is the most surprising type of upset. Every major upset starts out the same way: the underdog proves that they have come to play. Whether it's playing stingy defense, scoring first, or actually running away with the game for the moment, the only way an underdog can hang around is by showing their mettle. Once the underdogs establish themselves, the favorites wake up and usually take over the game. However, every now and then David holds on and trades punches with Goliath. The two teams go back and forth with a finale that will either be seen as a scare or a shocking upset. Towards the final stages of the game, Goliath will either finish off David, or David's sling will deliver an unexpected and decisive kill-shot of Goliath for the victory. At the end of every major upset, one thing is for certain: David deserved it.

The Underestimation: The title is pretty straightforward and this element is always in every upset; however, for the bigger games that we have, both teams got there for a reason, which is why you should never underestimate your opponent on a big stage. They are there for a reason. We see examples of this in all sorts of playoff games, but especially in playoff runs. Many teams gain momentum throughout their playoff success, making them into an entirely different team with a new expectation to win. These kind of teams expect to win it all after recent successes by gaining large amounts of confidence.

The Fluke (The Underdog): These upsets happen when the favorite just does not show up to the game. Oftentimes they can get away with it by waking up late in the game with a sense of urgency, but every now and then, they suffer the consequences of arriving to the game flat: the underdog will get lucky and they won't. The cheap defeat hurts less when the favorite can recover and play the way they are accustomed and expected to for the rest of their season. Most players/coaches/fan-addicts hope every upset is this fluke, not...

The Fluke (The Favorite): What can be a wake-up call could also spell disaster for the entire season because it shows that the favorite is a fluke. Oftentimes, people like to rank certain teams relative to others or predict how well each team will do. Every now and then, there's that team that people will overrate. This only means they have a longer way to fall. Personally, nothing more disappointing in the world of sports than false hope. Everyone has it and everyone will be upset.