Sunday, February 19, 2012

Suns hold off the Lakers, 102-90

The Suns haven't been playing too well this year, but it's always great when you get to hand Kobe and the Lakers a loss. The Suns would leap to a 35-19 lead after the first quarter, a lot like a vintage Suns basketball team. After a 61-40 halftime lead, the Lakers could only chip away at the lead and eventually lose. Like I said, the Suns haven't been playing well since their record is only 13-19, but this game showed that Steve Nash can still pass (14 assists) and Jared Dudley can be a solid scorer for this team (25 points).

Lin led Knicks beat the defending champ Mavericks, 104-97

The Knicks met .500 as they topped the Mavericks on national TV. Jeremy Lin once again showed why so many are buying into Linsanity as he matched up and out-played future HOF in Jason Kidd. The Knicks came out hot as they scored 32 first quarter points, but then return to the court cold, only scoring 16 points in the second quarter. Dallas would hold onto the lead for a while, only to face a furious Knicks rally led by Lin. Lin would provide the energy to power 32 fourth quarter points and eventually lead New York to .500