Sunday, March 25, 2012

The No. 1 seeded Kentucky Wildcats roll past the No. 3 seeded Baylor Bears to New Orleans

I really thought that this would be a closer game since both sides boasted NBA talent. The problem was that Kentucky was just a step ahead in almost every aspect of the game. Baylor could compete with Kentucky on the glass, but they fouled too much, giving the Wildcats 44 free throw attempts. Kentucky ran out to a 42-22 halftime lead and really could've cut the nets down right then, but they won the game 82-70 instead. The true difference between these two teams is that when Baylor plays, you notice they have three solid NBA prospects who can take over the game, just not as a team. Kentucky, on the other hand, has a starting five that has the potential to get drafted in the first round of the draft, but they also play as a team. If Kentucky can keep this run going with a balanced attack from every position and if Anthony Davis is healthy, it will be extremely tough to stop them.

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