Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tebow time, Broncos stun the Bears in OT, 13-10

Just look at his throwing motion! How in God's great world does a quarterback like this win six games in a row... Oh, it's Tebow. This guy just has a knack for leading his team to victory, especially if the game comes down to the wire. With about two minutes left and down 10-0, Tebow would have a TD toss to Demaryius Thomas and set up a 59 yard FG from Matt Prater. In OT, Matt Prater would hot a 51 yard game winner, but all the credit goes to Tebow. I have to agree that Tebow is finding ways to win and that he should receive some credit, but he's been gifted with a stout Broncos defense that has given him chances to win in the 4th quarter. Next week however, he'll have to take on Brady and the Patriots.

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