Saturday, October 29, 2011

Huskies push past the Cats, 42-31

When you play the Huskies, you need to limit two things: Keith Price's knack for big plays, and Chris Polk's grinding running style. Cats kept Price in check and limited Polk's big plays, but the atmosphere in Seattle was too much for Arizona to overcome. Despite many controversial calls by the officials against Arizona, the Cats found themselves on top 31-28 in the 4th quarter, however they squandered some opportunities to put the game away and the Huskies took advantage. With a bounce back win from last week's demolition at Stanford, the Huskies got themselves a win decided by all the little factors of the game of football: home-field, officials, weather, and momentum. They'll expect a tough game next week as they take on #7 Oregon at home. The Cats on the other hand, stumble to 2-6. They played well, but they can't afford any slip-ups if they want to go bowling. The game at Arizona State becomes the only priority for the remainder of this season.

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